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Waterproofing Products

Product Name Description Features / Benefits Typical Applications  Technical Information  Dosage / Coverage Packing Available
Repellin WR Silane-Siloxane based Water Repellent for Exterior Brick & Stone Masonry Surfaces ● Penetration in the surface and also forms a film 

●Ready to use, brush or spray applied 

●Clear coating, non staining. Does not affect the exterior decorative colour  ●Prevents entry of moisture into the wall, but allows moisture to evaporate out ●Cost effective ●Single coat application 


●Cement painted surface , concrete , mortar , clay brick surfaces, etc.
●Natural and artificial stones ●Mangalore tiled roofs ●Corrugated AC sheet roofing, etc.
●Appearance : Clear
●Specific Gravity : 0.80 0.02
Approx. 2-4 m2 (on brick wall) Approx. 3-5 m2 (on plastered surfaces) 1 litre , 10 litres & 225 litres



Certified for Portable water Contact

Damp roof coating for internal walls , ceiling and RCC water tanks ●Allows water in the walls to evaporate in the form of vapour ●Water dilutable with high covering capacity & hence economical. ●Being water based it can be applied over damp concrete/plaster surfaces and thus provides excellent water-resistant coating. ●Reduces water permeability ●Provides excellent adhesion to all cementitious substrates & after curing it gives a hard tough film. ●Excellent resistance to water, salt water, mid acids, alkalis & soap water. ●Can be applied from both sides of water pressure.
●Non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable property.
●Can be used as a primer for water based/ solvent based paints. ●Possesses anti-fungal property and is resistant to microorganisms.

Shelf life : 1 Year

●Waterproofing treatment for RCC water tanks.
●Internal damp walls treatment & also for ceiling.
●Primer for painting on internal/external surfaces. ●Toilet, kitchen walls & Lift pits. ●As a putty with OPC- white cement to fill the fine racks of internal walls.
●In sterile areas of pharma/food industries, hatcheries.

Not meant for aggressive rising dampness problem Strictly not for salt petre & efflorescence.


●Nature: Two Component  ●Mixing Ratio (as a damp wall coating):1:1:1 by wt. (base:Hardener : Water)
●Mixing Ratio (as a  putty) : 1:1:2 by vol. (Base c: Hardener : 2 OPC) ●Consistency after mixing: Free flowing smooth paste  ●Pot life at 30 deg. Centigrade: 1 to 11/2 hrs. ●Drying time at 30 deg. Centigrade: 5-6 hours
●Inter coat period at 30 deg. Centigrade: 6-8 hours
Dr. Fixit Dampgaurd finish coat - 75-85 sq.ft. per kg per coat 

Dr. Fixit Dampguard 

+ OPC Cement putty - 6-8 sq.ft. per kg per coat Coverage can vary as per the site conditions. 

Note: For permanent cure, source of leakage must be treated.

500 g & 1kg
Powder Waterproof

Specification complies with IS 2645


Integral Powder Waterproofing Compound for Plaster & Concrete ●Chloride-free ●As an effective pore filler, helps to fill capillaries and pores to prevent water seepage. ●Makes the mix cohesive and denser ●Reduces shrinkage cracks in mortars and concrete  ●Economical in application  ●Does not affect the setting time and strength
●Can be used with all cements.

Shelf Life : 1 Year

It is used for waterproofing of concrete and sand cement mortar used in basement, roof slabs and screeds, water retaining structures, external plastering, bathrooms and balconies.


Appearance: Whitish Grey powder 500g for 50kg of cement


500 g
Pidicrete MPB Acrylic based bonding agent ●Offers an impermeable coating; quite good as waterproof coating. ●Excellent adhesion to cementitious substrates. ●Works as an effective bonding agent by facilitating more open time. ●Can modify mortar / concrete for specifier's requirements in repair. ●Reduces cracking in mortar and screeds. ●Suitable for internal and external applications.

Shelf Life : 1 Year

●As a bonding aid for old and new concrete / mortar.

●Useful as an additive for making repair mortars / concretes. ●Water resistant renders or plasters.


●Specific Gravity : 1.03 0.02
●Nature : White coloured liquid 
●Base : Acrylic Latex
On concrete / plaster surfaces as a neat coat, 30sft per coat on a brick masonry surface (mixed with cement) 1kg, 10kg & 225kg
Torch shield APP/SBS modified Bitumen based, heavy duty membranes for waterproofing of large terraces, Roof gardens and other critical areas ●Self finished, jointless monolithic membranes provide excellent water tight and vapour barrier system. ●High tensile, tear & puncture resistance ●Can take thermal & structural stresses effectively, with any fatigue ●Laid quickly & easily; safe & environment friendly ●Donot undergo early ageing, thus provide long life durable membrane ● Easy melting & fixing, thus saving on usage of expensive gases
●Available in 1.5, 2, 3, & 4 mm thickness APP / SBS modified membrane rolls

Shelf Life : 1 Year


●Large Terrace ●Roof gardens  ●G.I. & AC sheet roofs ●Industrial roofs ●Swimming pools 
●Sloped roofs ●Flat roofs ●Parking area  ●Bridges & Tunnels  ●Foundation of Retaining Wall ●Basements
●Size: 1 x 10 meter ●Thickness : 1.5mm to 4mm ●Softening point : 100-1500C ●Penetration at 250C dmm: 15-40dmm ●Tensile Strength (L/T) N/5cm:700/550 ●Elongation at break (L/T)%: 40/50
●Tear Resistance (L/T) N: 140/160 ●Water absorption % : <0.15(refer product brochure/ data sheet for details)
Approx. 8.82 sq. mtrs/ Roll of 1 mtrs X 10mtrs (after overlaps) Range of 1.5, 2, 3 & 4 mm membranes in polyester or fibre glass base in 1 mtrs X 10 mtrs rolls
Crystalline Cementitious crystalline concrete waterproofing ●Easily brush applied. Only water to be mixed at site. ●Forms crystals, which block pores and waterproof the surface and protect stee ●Depth of penetration very high( > 3m)  ●Can be used on dry or moist surface  ●It allows concrete to breathe ●Resists water pressure up to 150m waterhead and seals hairline cracks ●Always remains active - forms crystals ●when in contact with water

Shelf Life : 2Year


Water retaining Structures: ●Water tanks, towers ●Reservoirs ●Swimming pool ●Water treatment works 
●Dams ●Concrete Pipes 
●Canals ●Harbours

Water Excluding Structure:

●Basements  ●Tunnels ●Inspection Pits ●Foundations ●Lift Shafts ●Construction Joints ●Sea defence walls  ●Retaining walls ●Bridge Decks ●Jetties ●Pontoons


●Colour: Grey ●Texture : Powder ●Bulk Density : 1.25  ●Penetration Rate: 2 mm per week ●Water Pressure Head : Upto 150 m head ●pH when mixed with water 11 1 ●Particle Size: 40-15 microns



1.0 kg/sqm when used alone or for dry shake broadcast 5 kg & 25 kg pails


Dampfree Silicone injection grout for rising dampness in brick masonry ●Prevent water dampness from recurring, if done properly. ●Water insensitive, hence ideal for grouting moisture laden areas. ●Excellent flow ability which is required for injection grouting. ●Increases life expectancy of masonry. ●Protects moss & fungal growth. ●Water dilutable, hence economical in use.

Shelf life : 6 Months

● For arresting persistent rising dampness in foundation walls due to capillary action.
●Also effective for porous construction materials, for old structures, monuments and in areas with a high water table.


●Base :  Aqueous Siliconate solution ●Colour : Colourless to pale Yellow ●Solid content : 40 + 2% by weight ●Specific gravity : 1.30 + 0.02 ●pH (approx) : Alkaline  ●Diluent : With water at 1:5 to 1:10 depending on severity of rising dampness ●Injection to be done at an interval of 9-12 inch's depending on the severity of the problem.   10litre

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